The Education Act 2011 gives schools a duty to secure access to careers guidance for their pupils in Years 9-11. All students at CSS access Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance through their PSHE and Life Skills lessons. We use a range of resources designed to help students to understand their own personal strengths, interests and personality traits, and consequently which jobs and careers would suit them.Careers guidance secured must:

·         be presented in an impartial manner

·         include information on the full range of post-16 education or

          training options, including Apprenticeships and Traineeships

·         promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given


Students are encouraged to research their options widely. Some useful sources of advice online can be found by clicking on the tabs to the right.


Key Stage 3

All Key Stage 3 students are given careers information and guidance through their PSHCE lessons.

Year 9 students complete a unit of work using  “The Real Game” where they select a job from a given list, work out a budget based on their pay, and investigate the potential lifestyle of someone in that job.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 students develop their Employability Skills through PSHCE lessons.

As part of the AQA Personal and Social Education award, Key Stage 4 students work on the following units with a Careers focus:

“Applying for Jobs and Courses” which involves creating a CV, writing a letter of application and preparing for an interview.

“Personal Action Planning” which enables students to consider their own skills and qualities, and set targets to improve them in the future.

“Making Informed Career Choices” which helps students to understand where and how to find out about careers that interest them, and make the best choices for their own career path.

“Personal Finance” which teaches students about responsible use of money, budgeting and financial terms that they will need to know in the future.

All students undergo at least one Practise Interview. They received detailed feedback on their performance in the interview, which includes targets for improvement.

Careers Mentors from the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) work with our year 11 students to explore career opportunities, improve their CVs and develop their Employability Skills.

We offer students the opportunity to attend visits, open events and taster days at local colleges and post-16 providers.

We educate students about Apprenticeships through presentations and input from Amazing Apprenticeships and Essex County Council.

We have an Enterprise Advisor from a local business who works with students to mentor them, advise them and offer them workplace visits and experiences.


Connexions Careers Interviews

All Year 11 students undergo an impartial Careers Interview with Connexions. They and their parents receive written feedback and a summary of the interview.


Work Experience

The Government has removed the statutory requirement for Key Stage 4 students to complete at least 2 weeks’ work experience, so we do not currently arrange this for students. We do encourage them to find opportunities to experience the world of work wherever possible, whether through family, friends or part-time employment.